"FSD," or Full Self Driving, is a service that Tesla is working on in all of their production vehicles right now. Basically, the cars will be robots - there will be no need for drivers, as long as regulators approve it - and they will, because FSD is safer than human driving. I'm all for it, and I know it will happen.

My platform is thus;



Not having to rely on another person's schedule - or in this case, a robot's schedule - is much easier for me, and is probably the reason why so many families in this country have vehicles for every family member. Cars are an expression of the American identity: the freedom to be anywhere you want to be, anytime you want. We don't have borders in this country for that very reason. Nobody checks your passport when you drive from Washington State to New England, because we have this absolute right, this freedom to exist.

I believe that FSD will happen. I want it to happen.

I also want to make sure that there will be certain roads set aside that will go from one end of this country to the other to be for human drivers only. Robots need not apply. There will be no need for a speed limit on these roads, either. It will be like the Audubon in Germany. It will also require less policing, since every driver on this road will probably know and obey the laws. There will be ambulances, but the drivers on this road will also only be allowed in once they have proven themselves. Special access will be required. But I will be using it, and I will own my own vehicles forever.