what does "ev" even mean, brah?

"EV" is the common and popular abbreviation for an "Electric Vehicle," as opposed to an "ICE," which is only a common abbreviation among people who used the word EV regularly, to mean an "Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle."

why you ALL up in my grill?

We're not.

Some of us would really rather that you didn't drive ICE vehicles for your daily driver vehicle, but we understand that driving electric is more expensive right now than driving ICE. But that's why we're here - we're here to show you that driving electric can be FUN, and NOT AS MUCH AS YOU MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT.

Plus, I'll just say this: Fuck big oil.

Yo, how motors work?

Magnets. Next question.


I'll answer your question with a question: Is that a Samsung in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Here's the more complex answer:

All of that has to do with the batteries. The biggest reason why Rich Benoit's car - Daisy - blew its shit is more primarily because Uncle Rich is a fucking moron, but that's why we love him. In most cases, something called a "BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM," - or BMS - will correctly inform the operator of an EV both the state of charge of their batteries, and will effectively manage electricity distribution throughout the vehicle.

Battery packs also need to be kept at optimal temperatures - not too hot, and not too cold. This is why every successful EV owner has at least one coolant system. Teslas will actually heat the battery packs up in colder climates as well. Tesla also makes its own batteries now, which means that on the micro scale, they are able to add in these little itty-bitty vent holes just above the cathodes which will ensure there will be an escape route for gaseous build-up, meaning no more explosions.

What's the difference between an engine and a motor?

    • An engine burns gasoline or some other type of fuel to create an internal combustion - usually with these things called pistons that are like the potatoes in a potato cannon, and the centrifugal force of which makes the wheels on the bus go 'round.
    • A motor is a big magnet thing that can come in varying shapes, sizes, and fields of polarity. Those ionic forces usually repel each other - such as when positive meets negative - and this makes a thing spin which makes the wheels on the bus go 'round. *** Refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, golf carts, ceiling fans, band saws, sanders, rock tumblers, electric leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners, and many more household items all have motors. ***


Some of us are looking into it. We don't have any current hydrogen projects.


We are the Dopest and the Freshest EV Conversion YouTube channel on the block, and kind-of a collective of people converting our cars to electric. We have many plans to dominate the universe, but these are our current projects. Visit our youtube channel and watch some dope vids, brah.